Drive Smart and Safe – Apple CarPlay

We’ve been striving for several years to keep the roads of Santa Ana and elsewhere safe, without giving up our modern online creature comforts. Thankfully, Apple CarPlay is potentially the first system like this that isn’t pretty awful and limited.

Hands-Free with Siri and On-Wheel Controls

Siri’s award-winning voice recognition and system controls make hands-free operation a breeze, especially when mixed with control buttons right there on the wheel for easy access. Distraction-free operation is at the core of CarPlay.


You don’t have to give up your favorite road-safe apps and features with CarPlay. Maps, GPS and all your favorite apps are ready and available, and sync up with your existing Apple device so you’re ready to go with no configuration or messing around.

Quick-Glance Display

The dash display gives you readouts on all you need without looking away from the road for more than a second, including detailed vehicle diagnostics on compatible models of car.

To see what this thing can really do, come to Audi South Coast and let us show you today.

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