Why Cleaning Your Tires Isn't Just for Appearances

Have you heard of brake dust? It's small fragments of adhesive and carbon fibers from the brake pads mingled with small metal specks shaved off from the rotors. When this settles on your wheels for any extended period of time, not only does it eat the coating, but corrodes the metal by pitting.

The more you drive, the more brake dust and other dirt and grime accumulate on your tires and wheels. It's necessary to clean your tires frequently, but it's also necessary to use the right tools.

If you're ready to wash your own, here's a simple guide. First, clean your entire car, focusing on your wheels and tires first. Then choose the recommended cleaner for your tires. Use a powerful cleaner if your tires have grime caked on or haven't been washed in years. And use a bristled brush for cleaning to prevent scratching.

At Audi South Coast in Santa Ana, we can take care of your tires and any other related vehicle concerns and maintenance issues you have, so don't hesitate to visit our service center today.

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