The New Audi A3 Technology Features

What makes the new Audi A3 a popular compact luxury car, here are a few technology features to show you why.

The Pre-Collision Assist system in the Audi A3 is always monitoring the road ahead to help you to avoid any type of collision. If the sensor or camera discover a car or pedestrian in your upcoming path, flashing alerts try to warn you to brake, otherwise, the brakes pre-charge to stop your movement.

The Cross Traffic Alert system that watches behind the Audi A3 is designed to help you avoid a collision while driving in reverse. This feature is activated after you shift into reverse, scanning either direction for a moving car and alerting you to stop moving until the vehicle passes from your path.

The Audi A3 is sitting here on our lot and you can stop by Audi South Coast and ask for the keys so you can test drive one right now.

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