Do you wonder how long it takes to charge an electric car's battery? If you were wondering about the Audi e-tron, here's some news: it takes about 30 minutes. No, you won't be spending a long time waiting to charge up the vehicle fully. Audi's engineers truly worked hard to make sure the company's first fully electric car would impress. The half-hour charging time is one of the many impressive features.

By itself, the battery impresses on many levels. The ultra-fast 150 kW charging derives, in part, from the construction made from pouch cells. Audi did not cut corners with the development of the battery. The hard work yielded a battery that delivers reliable performance.

The 95 kWh lithium-ion battery isn't a small part, which adds another positive to the overall value. The battery's size and capacity means it can travel far on a full charge.

Take a short test drive in Santa Ana, CA to see how the Audi e-tron works. At Audi South Coast, we have e-tron models for you to try out.

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